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3D Animation Production Services in Salt Lake City, Utah

Big Look, Small Price

Set designers, Characters designers, Modelers, Lighters and Animators from
the feature film“The Magistical” have teamed up to provide freelance feature
film quality 3D Animation production at a fraction of the ”Studio” cost. What
this means is that you don’t have to pay for a fancy building with a water
fountain in the lobby or a model train track running through the basement.

We only charge you for what you need. The work.

We have almost no overhead! Even a small studio can have overhead costs
that run almost half the price of the project. This includes non creative support
staff, accounting services, payroll services, sales, building rent and utilities,
salaries for employees while in between projects, and of course profit for the
studio owners.

A collaboration of free-lancers has little to non of these costs. You, the client,
work with a project manager who, in addition to his artistic responsibilities,
coordinates with the other free-lancers bringing on only those needed to
complete the project. Its simple and streamlined.

To discuss how I can help you save on your next project,
contact me: