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Top 100 most Influential People in Animation


Cool article listing the top 100 most influential people in the world of animation. If you’re interested in the history of animation and how that relates to almost every feature film now a days because of VFX than this will be an very interesting read.

link to article

The Magistical – released in germany! Oh yeah!

magistical movie poster 2012

Another cool movie I worked on. This one is a bit crazy and… only released in Germany. But hey, what can you say, the Germans love crazy stuff.

checkout the trailer here:

Pandora’s Star


Cool book I’m currently reading. Pandora’s Star by Peter Hamilton. I’m not done, so don’t tell me the ending.


The Living Corpse


Super cool movie (I worked on it so of course I’d say that). Animated zombies? Yep. Zombies with a conscience? Yep. The poster is from the comic book art. The actual movie is CG and in 3D.

1972 David Bowie from the ziggy star dust tour.


One of my favorite bands, Flight of the Concords, with special guest – David Bowie. Makes me laugh every time. They did a few seasons of a show on HBO a while back. Good stuff.

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