Red Leaves and the Living Token 2


Emret, a sick and desperate 13 year old boy, convinces his nurse to help him run away. After his doctors give him a dire prognosis, he decides his only chance at survival is to find a magical cure half a world away.

Before his father, Raj, sets off to look for him, he finds a small stone carving washed up on the beach. When touched, it shows him a vision of his son being healed by a mythical creature, Red Leaves, the same creature Emret went to find. But it also shows Raj climbing up a mountain to find a secret temple, leading an army into battle, fighting a giant creature trapped in a swirling thunderstorm, and his own brutal death.

Raj struggles between following the visions of the carving and searching for Emret on his own. Eventually, he treks across two countries before finding him. When he does, he and Emret battle to decide whether they’ll return home for treatment or continue on the dangerous journey, a journey that they fear may lead to the fulfillment of the visions including Raj’s own death.

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