THIRSTFeature Film

This was one my favorite films to work on. We were able to tackle over 300 complex CG shots with a lot of crazy but creatively rewarding challenges. We worked with artist Maury Ruiz to design and sculpt a six legged half-flesh, half-cyborg creature. Maury had just come off Avatar and was keen on six legged animal designs. That definitely had an influence on the final form of our creature.

One of my favorite effects we created for the show was the face sucking. The creature’s prominent death feature was a giant tentacle arm that sucked out all the fluids of its victims. We had a lot of fun scanning the actor’s faces and sculpting sucked in versions of them. One of the challenges with this is we wanted the actor to continue “acting” while their face sucked in rather than it just being frozen while changed state. This required a range of animatable facial expressions that could move across the transformation from normal to “sucked.”